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I don’t know about you, but I'm not the kind of girl that has lots of friends for the sake of having lots of friends. I'm the quiet one when I feel like I don’t fit in, I'd rather be alone than be around people that I don’t like.

I have always been like this, when I moved to America for my last year of high school, I spent most of my lunches in the computer room I didn’t get them, they didn’t get me, sometimes it was lonely but I just felt like I didn’t belong.

Now that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t social, polite, and gave up trying to find out why, but I guess I just wanted to find my tribe, my people.

Fast forward to now, as an artist, musician, entrepreneur, and creator, I can tell you that when I meet a manager, or music industry person my guard is up, I don’t trust easily.

For those of us who have been in the industry for a while you might know what I’m talking about. A lot of industry people will reach out, and for some reason love to subsequently tear down your work. "You should do this, that, you have been doing it all wrong," they say they like your music, they can make you a superstar, if only you did what they say .... blah blah blah.

With time, I learned that it is a business! Somebody wants to work with you because in a way you are giving them something. It’s an exchange, it can be that they believe you might make them lots of money(the investment) it can be that having you around makes them feel like they are important (the ego boost ), it can be that they love your music and want the world to hear it ( not everybody is all bad ) but knowing why, the purpose, makes the relationship real. Honesty always establishes trust.

Now I met very few bands and artists who really loved their managers or management company, that is why it was important for me to do my first podcast interview with Rebecca Boulton, the manager of New Order. Not only has she been in the industry for more than 25 years but managing the same band, I found this incredible! Hearing her perspective about establishing herself as a trusted manager, as well as her views on what makes an artist was really inspiring.

I invite you to create a world where you feel you can count on the people around you, a world where you don’t have to take anything less than what works for you. It will take a little time, and perhaps at times you might feel like you should settle for less, as long as your vision is clear, it will all work out ( trust your instinct).

As for me well I'm always looking to work with different mindsets, to grow, get better, when the wrong energy knocks at my door, I give it some time to really look into it, analyze it, take a breath before I make any decisions (at least I try ). Although it is difficult for me to say no to new opportunities, not every single one is the right one.

if you are interested in working together let me know., would love to hear your thoughts.

You can catch the podcast, here...

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I just put a playlist together and guess what? I have over 30 songs out there in the world that you can hear at any time anywhere! That's crazy, right? 29 of those songs were written, composed, and co-produced by moi. I have been in the music industry for more than 15 years, but I still feel like I have just started, so much to learn and so much to do.

I wrote my first song at the age of 13 and I didn’t know I could do that as a job. I just remember letting go at the piano and composing, for at the piano there was no judgment, and growing up in a very strict and controlled household, it felt liberating. Although my family could hear what I was doing, it was a very personal experience, it was easy, and I thought every artist out there was doing it. I thought if you were a singer, you were a writer. Little by little I would be very surprised...

I had my first recording studio experience at the age of 18 years old, it was a present from my best friend. The name of the song I recorded was “ I will miss you”, a song I wrote when I had to move from Paris to Las Vegas, leaving my friends and universe behind in the middle of my teenage years.

I remember standing in front of the microphone and wanting it to be perfect! It was not only the vocals but the production and the arrangement that had to be just right. I thought that musicians and producers had so much talent, I admired that, and although I had the instinct to know what felt right and would voice my opinion, I didn’t fully believe that I was nearly as talented as everyone else! Nooooo, what I had was the belief that big dreams could come true, that if I worked hard enough, I could accomplish anything.

To me, being an artist is constantly questioning yourself, are you good enough? Do you know your craft? Do you have integrity in your creation? Can you create something even better than the last song and composition? There is that everlasting doubt if you can do it or not!

I recently opened up to collaborating with various songwriters. Songwriting with someone is like going on a date, you are not sure if it will work out! You need to get personal, just enough to write something good, yet you don’t want to tell your whole life story. You have to listen, react, mentally you exchange thoughts, what you are going through, trying to find a common ground, something that you can both talk, write and sing about…

Then there is the collaboration with the musicians, you need to give directions to where you want to go, what you hear in your head, but leave space for the musician to make their magic, to transform the idea into music, into that feeling, into an experience. In my opinion, it needs to organically happen, you are the guide, and at your best should know when to let go and when to take back control.

I recently connected online with a wonderful guitarist from Brazil, Eduardo Balthar. We exchanged our music and talked about collaboration. His style is Brazilian jazz and I really enjoyed his playing and thought I would love to collaborate with him. I sent him a track, Settle Down, from my new album Truth & Dare, and asked him to record an acoustic version, to see where it would go… It was one of the easiest collaborations I have done. The mutual respect we hold for each other as musicians goes a long way. His guitar tells a story, and vocally I wanted it to be raw, honest.

On stage, in the studio, what you do is so much to do with your energy, the way you feel, as well as your entourage. I am a Gemini, so my moods change a lot, good for me right, haha!

Settle Down acoustic is released Friday 5th February 2021, listen, save it, I hope you will appreciate listening to it as much as I did recording it!

Love to hear your thoughts

Instagram @Theandreadee

Email: Theandreadee@gmail.com

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  • Andrea Dee

We turn the page to 2021, a new year to start fresh, or a good time to challenge yourself to do something new or different: they call it New Year Resolutions!

I was so surprised when asking around what were my friends and family's new resolutions were, 80 percent of people decided not to make any. It could be the fact that 2020 was a year where everybody was a little depressed, we didn’t get to travel, we didn’t get to see family, and maybe some of us got sick. I believe there is always a positive way to look at things.

For me, 2020 was a year when I wrote, recorded, and co-produced my electro-pop album Truth & Dare. I had the time to research, read, practice, set goals, and really throw myself into my music. I have learned during the years that keeping myself busy is the way I cope with any situation. When I have a hard break, I go out all the time, any reason is a good one, I have a need for communication and community. Talking about what’s on my mind, helps me get through anything. It’s amazing what happens when you reach out to people and interact!

Of course, during Covid, it has been impossible to meet new people. So, I took interaction online using my favorite subject: music, and I am still doing it! Some of you might say that it’s not the same as meeting real people and to that, I would answer yes, I agree, but what are your chances of meeting people from all over the world in an hour? It is all a matter of perspective, no?

I love to be busy, and I always have a million ideas to move forward and take on something new, but I believe that you create your life. We put together an online music festival where I got to connect with amazing musicians, actors, and presenters, raising money for the prevention of breast cancer.

In 2019 everybody talked about being so busy that we didn’t have time to sit for a cup of coffee with a friend that lives in the same city, and in 2020 we complained about being bored…What will be 2021 about? The good news is that you get to choose, what do you want it to be? Happy? Exciting? Entertaining? Full of love? Laughter? Success? I want all those things, and it starts now!

I love to hear that people are trying something new, or taking on a challenge, this is called living life to the full. Do the best with what you can and don’t stop! Don’t listen to that amazing, brilliant voice in your head that gives all the excuses to stop or quit, instead watch something or somebody that inspires you. I miss traveling and being on tour, so I watched the Rolling Stones Ole, Ole, Ole A Trip Across America, lol!

In December, I got my phone stolen twice in the space of 4 days by cyclists at night whilst coming home from work. It was an invasion of my space, I felt weak, a loss of power and I couldn't walk by myself when it was dark in fear that it would happen again! Even now when a bike or somebody comes close to me, I feel unsettled. I have never felt scared, especially outdoors as I grew up in a not-so-great neighborhood which will get you ready for anything, but then again, I am human.

I decided to take on a running marathon to challenge myself. I can tell you that I am no runner, but I am working on it, (a great way to get rid of all the food and drinks I overindulged in during the holiday as well). Ok by now you might think that I am crazy (or think yeah this girl loves to talk haha), but just doing my best to share what I found that works for me, wanting to give you great energy and encouragement.

I hope that when reading this you decide on a new goal, something that will challenge you and push your boundaries.

What did you choose? I would love to hear it… post a comment, email me, or DM.



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