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Dare to dream ? What does to it take to make it?

By a truly independent Artist

It all begins with a dream, an idea, something that makes your heart beat, something that puts you on a natural high, and takes you to a moment in time when nothing else matters; you can breathe for the first time. It’s at that point that It all makes sense, like the answer that makes up for all the pain, obstacles and struggles that you had to endure to get there. You are alive, THIS IS WORTH IT ALL.

 In order to get there, you must find your "it" and if you haven’t yet, remember when you were a child, everything was possible, we were superheroes, we could fly and take over the world in a matter of seconds without a blink of an eye, fearless and limitless. Take yourself back to that person and ask yourself what did you love more than anything?

As we become teenagers, we forget that feeling and that bravery and mindset sometimes flutters away. Suddenly fears, doubts and the hurdles of our individual reality enter, disappointments take over, swallow our confidence and muffle our drive.We listen to opinions that discourage our gut instincts and we begin to drift off course.We grow up and as adults we somehow feel like we need to be responsible and do the right thing, find a job, get a career, make a family, and die… is that really the plan? That can't be right.

I remember going to my performing art school in LasVegas, and there was so much talent; there were incredible singers, actors and dancers but when the question came up about what we were going to do after graduation the answer was “I'm going to be a dentist, or work a union job.” I was so surprised! What was the point of attending an art school if you were not going to pursue your art. Ninety percent of my school mates have not pursued art or followed their dreams but I stuck to my aguns; it’s not because I had more talent than any of them, perhaps I had less, the reason I’m still doing it is because I believed then and I sure enough believe now that I can make it, my way. 

Now, before you continue reading this, we must define the meaning of ‘making it’. Very often when you say that you are a singer and songwriter, two things happen; They ask you if they know one of your songs and if you can sing them something. If you answer no to the first question, the next one coming is do you do music full time?

My response is YES, I think, breathe and dream of music. Everything that I do ( including small side jobs) is to support my passion and goals.  

The truth is I don’t know what it takes to fully make it, I am not sure that we can ever get there, there is always more. When you are amid the chaos that we call life, our animal instincts kick in and we fight for survival one step at a time.

 I can tell you that it takes a lot of hard work, patience, dedication, time… more hard work… It’s important to never give up. DO NOT listen to the negative people around you. As matter of fact, just lose them altogether. If you feel it in your gut that you are meant to do something bigger, just go for it! Enjoy the process, the rise, the fall, and everything in between. Surround yourself with people like you that want to achieve BIG. If you don’t have that around you then create it, learn and spend more time with personalities that fill you with great energy, so you keep moving forward. Create your tribe. 

Follow your, heart, visualize your life, dream big, and always believe in yourself! Everything is possible.

Now do you dare to dream ? What does it looks like?

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