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Is having a day job stopping you from living off your passion only?

So you just moved to the big city, got yourself a waitressing, or sales job somewhere, and just like in the movies, you tell yourself, this is temporary until ‘you make it big.’ Next thing you know many years pass by and you are still in the same place, you auditioned, even got yourself an agent, and joined many workshops but it doesn’t seem to work, you still have the same day job and that dream of making it big is looking more and more impossible. You tell yourself, that perhaps you don’t have what it takes.

You read many self-help books, listen to podcasts, some people will tell you to always have a plan B., some people tell you not to, and perhaps your day job offers you a promotion, that gives you the perfect excuse to forget why you started working there in the first place. You become a “normal” person, working your 9 to 5 job wondering about your next holidays, and online shopping ( there is nothing wrong with that ).

As someone who has been in and is still part of the game for many many years, I can tell you, there are no secrets. There is nothing wrong with a day job, I would suggest working somewhere where there could be opportunities for learning and networking. I have spent most of my adult life working a job, saving my money to create, produce the next best show, and repeat. I have lived in 4 countries where I followed the same pattern, work, save, quit, do only music until I run out of money, and start over.

They say that the definition of being insane is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different outcome. Well looking back, I must be insane, but if you are reading this, let's ask ourselves, how would I do things differently?

I would suggest never quitting any jobs you are doing ( work part-time if you can afford it), there is always something to learn with everything you do. Do not put yourself down, or be ashamed of your day job, that is part of being an artist, you need to support yourself, live, eat, and more importantly, have peace of mind.

Peace of mind gives you space to create with no limit.

Take the pressure of wanting to make everything happen, right here, right now. Rome was not built in a day, it took years and years ( I need to remind myself of this). Focus on your craft, how can you perfect it, become better, learn a different side of your business and brand ( remember you are a business so treat it as such ) During covid, we filmed and edited our music videos which made me fall in love with visuals and art.

Be open-minded about the outcome, your dream might change, transform and that’s growth. A friend of mine recently moved from Budapest, she and her husband owned a dance company and thought they would have more opportunities here. When they arrived they quickly understood that they would need day jobs to support themselves. Her husband sent many many CVs of his experience as a director, but nothing. One of his side passions was interior design, during covid he decided to send his CV for a position and got it right away. He is now happier than ever doing what he loves, just something different.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Your friends might be on broadway, 5 years younger, and for them, it was so easy, well guess what? That is not your journey, and it’s ok. Your time will come.

Don’t listen to the negative voices around you, as well as yours! Sometimes the voice in your head can be the loudest.

Lastly, live your life as much as you can. Life is so precious! Sometimes when we are passionate about something, we can become obsessive over it, work, practice, and let it go. I know that you want to prove to the world, your family, but really yourself that you can do it and although that energy can make you move mountains some time, being kind to yourself is so important, remember you want to be in for the long hall.

While I m writing this for you, I am reminded of what really matters, yes I want and will have my number one single on the radio, yes I want to go and will go on tour around the world but until then I am here sharing my experiences, something I can not take for granted.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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