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 An unconventional artist with an unconventional album release and live performance 


A truly an international artist. With a German, Italian descent, Andrea was 

born and raised in Paris, her histoire d’amour with music began in Le Coin Des Artistes, Montmartre. Aged 18, Andrea spread her wings, enjoying her first stage experiences as a third-generation showgirl in Las Vegas.


The bright lights of New York soon captured her imagination. Composing her own music and refining her elegant, yet sultry voice, Andrea began establishing herself in the big city.

Throughout the eclectic Lower East Side, Andrea played venues including Rockwood Music Hall and Bowery Ballroom. A tour across

the USA, Europe, and Asia soon followed, with Andrea exhibiting her dazzling and magnetic personality to fans across the globe. Andrea Dee has since been compared to Portishead, Amy Lee (Evanescence), and most recently, Christine and the Queens.

After living in 4 different countries, Andrea finds her home in London. 

She uses her free time during Covid to write, record and release her debut album, Truth and Dare. Duality permeates the album, reflecting the world around us against an electro beat, and layered retro musical journey. The album showcases her proclivity toward glamour – a throwback to the iconic feathers of the spectacular Jubilee! – while also exploring a personal vulnerability. Andrea speaks openly on a weekly Vlog with the same

candidness as her French ballad ‘Je Suis Seule’ and 'Aller" resonating with both the contemplative and those looking for a little bit of fun.


With the support of independent label, Daschund Records, Truth and Dare has been released in chapters. Each month a new song is accompanied by a thematic video and acoustic alternative. In her defiant first single “Not Sorry”, Andrea proclaims ‘I am not sorry for who I am and what I do' while revealing the first facet of her ‘un objet d’art’. The album becomes increasingly intimate, with Andrea’s mask revealing her journey of self-reflection. It concludes with “Take Me As I Am”, a provocative assertion that dares you to confront her truth. 

 2021 sees the launch of the immersive live concert Truth & Dare: The experience, a never seen before concept. The show is a 360 experience, using all your senses, hearing, visuals, feeling, taste and emotions.

October 26th, 2022 sees the launch of Amplify Her a monthly live music event elevating and supporting women in the music industry. 

Tickets available now! 

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