It would be a lie if I would start by telling you that I’m super laid back as an individual, that I go with the flow, and whatever happens, happens. I have my moments; I strongly believe you create your own life the way you want it to be. If I were to describe myself, I would say that I am a fighter, and just like anybody, I sometimes feel tired, weak, and vulnerable. I am hard on myself physically and mentally because part of me believes that I am not living the life I am supposed to live. Well, it’s getting better, but boy, I have worked and worked at it! My first love has always been music. At first, it was my escape, but then it became my safe space where I could breathe, where I could be, and where I could let go. I wanted it to be my life, but just like your first love, I felt like I didn’t know how I could live with it. What was once a place of total freedom and bliss now became the pursuit of perfection. Of course, there is no perfect song, but there is the feeling of having the melody perfectly fitting the chord progression and the perfect line of instruments, overlapping one another like a glove to a hand. I wanted to be a star. Well, that is what I thought. Deep down, I think I just wanted to be seen, heard, respected, and to make a name for myself or, even better, feel wanted. If you are an artist reading this, you know exactly what I mean. The more you are wanted, the more work you will get, and finally, you feel you are good enough. After all, if they want you then you must be important; you must matter. The truth is that I am still on that quest! Not to become famous but to be recognized for my work. My life is work, music, creation, composing, writing; it is controlled to the point that I want it to be amazing. Yet, in my personal life, I think I am a bit different. I know what I want and what I don’t want, yet I still leave space for this unknown. Whatever happens, will happen. In my early twenties, I was longing for connections, relationships, and love. I remember a friend of mine told me, “You will never be single, I don’t think you can handle being on your own”. The funny part is that every big decision I have made in my life was always made alone. I moved countries, I followed my gut and I was always alone, but he was right, I always felt like I needed somebody. I went from one relationship to another for eight years. I then decided that it was time to care about myself.

In society, some families don't like single women after you pass a certain age - well, at least my family - so I had the urge to do what I wanted when I wanted. I met amazing people on my path, on my travels, I had affairs with men that I knew wouldn’t last, but it was all about the moment. Then I was fine; there was no void to be filled in. I was an independent woman with goals, living life fully, enjoying the moment, but really, I made peace with all my expectations. There were voices in my head saying, “What if I am single my whole life? Who would want to be with a strong-minded female singer? You will probably never have kids! Maybe you'll die alone". I let all of that go and thought, so what? So, what if I'm single my whole life? Who is really the happiest? People get divorced anyway! If me being single makes you uncomfortable because you are scared that I might steal your man, then that is your problem, not mine. I'll go find my people. I want to tell you that this story has a happy ending, but I don’t know. I'm still figuring it out. In terms of my love life, once I started to let go, I found my special person who is on my latest podcast episode titled

As for the music, I am holding on. I'm not ready to let go yet. I have a feeling that I will have to do it soon because although things are moving forwards, it feels difficult, and lately, I noticed that the best things that happen to me just happened with no stress. I put the idea out to the universe, I did the work and, without expectations, received exactly what I was looking for.

How does life work for you?

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You never know how lucky you are, until it’s all gone. What is that all about? It seems like we have this ability to take things for granted once they begin to become easier for us. If not your job, it’s the relationship with your partner, or our parents, people that are always there for us, why?

We are so busy running after what we think makes us happy, like success, love, power, recognizing that we never really take the time to look around and be truly thank full for all the little things we have in our life. I am so guilty of that with an always moving forward mentality, working head down until “I make it”. It’s never enough, isn't it? no no, we can do more, have more, want more, care more until you hit a wall, or get thrown in a completely different situation. Perhaps it’s the universe who is tell you, head up, look around, there is beauty you haven’t seen, amazing people you need to meet, you are missing the best part!! Oh, and by the way, if you don’t listen, the life that you know will stop, deconstruct and rebuild in a different way.

They talk about a gratitude journal, meditation, breathing just to acknowledge your wealth.

I do all these things, write on my gratitude journal, meditate, yoga and it comes in waves, sometimes I can let go of it all and sometimes not.

I started a podcast because I was told that it was the thing to do, to share my musical journey but what I didn’t know is that I would enjoy it so much. Having deep conversations about things that matter, and connecting on a deep level gives me a different protective on things. My latest conversation with Jad was set to talk about the impact of social media in countries where we don’t have the same rights as in Europe. But it became more than that, it became about connection, belonging, and love. Jad shares his path with us from war to peace, from the place where you are born and culture to finding your place in another part of their world, while never forgetting your roots.

It’s quite interesting to grow up somewhere where you don’t really fit in, to then move somewhere else where you can be the real you but still, something is missing. For me, it was growing up in Paris, France to then moving to NYC, and then London. Nowhere really feels like home, once you start moving. In yoga they say your home is your body, is where you Iive for the longest time, and to me, it is all so true. Just like any home, you have to take care of it, love it, nourish it, and be grateful to it. I had so many fights with my body, not being thin enough or strong, too tall, too many curls haha not good enough,

Just like that the vision I have of myself is the vision I have of the world, of others. How can you love someone else fully if you don’t love yourself? Well, that I will say I am in progress, learning, accepting, and surrender.

Life is an amazing place, and we are here to live it fully. Look at it through someone else eyes, you might notice things you have never seen before. Say thank you to others, to yourself.

Listen it’s all there for you,

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What if I said you could choose a different subject, just like you would choose a piece of

furniture, and that you don't need it forever? What if, at some point, you can change it to something else? Would you believe me? Would you try it?

I find it very interesting how, at a very young age, we are put in brackets of what we are

good at, one that probably defines the direction our lives will take. I was good at math

during middle school; I remember having a teacher that explained everything in a way that

made so much sense to me. However, when I went to high school with a major in literature

and arts, maths was my worst grade; I couldn’t get it! Did this make me feel like I was just

bad at it? Yes. More than that, I lost interest. I felt stupid for not being able to understand it.

I remember the teacher saying, “Do you get it now?” and even if I didn’t, I would say yes so

that the pressure of not being good enough, not being smart enough, would pass.

If we are told we are not good at something, does it give us, perhaps subconsciously,

the idea that we should move on to something else?

Of course, I never wanted to be a mathematician, but what if I did? I was told I wasn't good

at it, so why waste my time? Do we choose our careers based on what we are told we are

good at or what we want to do?

I have always followed my passion for music, singing, and songwriting even though I wasn't

told I was the best at it. I remember hearing my piano teacher talk to my mother and tell

her that I was mediocre, but my brother was so much better; I was ten years old! In high

school, I was never taken seriously as a singer. My best friend at the time and I would study

and audition like crazy for the school shows. One of our music teachers talked about us in

front of the class and said, “those two are here for acting”. That comment broke our hearts,

but it wasn’t going to stop me.

I don’t know what made me not pay attention to what people thought about my singing. I

thought it was just an obstacle and that both the next song and performance will be better.

I still think like this today. Many friends have told me they have no idea what they should be

doing with their lives; perhaps they fell into their careers and just kept going. We all have

dreams of growing up and of being somebody, but at some point, that dream is killed

because we chose to listen to what people say instead of what feels right.

My conversation with Kay (from my podcast “Do it your way”) was a real learning

experience. She talks about her journey, from listening to what felt right later on in life and

how this change created a new career and a new way of life.

Ask yourself right now: am I living the life I want? Am I in the process of living the life I

want? What is your answer? What does your gut tell you? If the answer is no, what changes

can you start making? Little things can start to make a difference. Even just asking yourself

this question can provoke a feeling. Perhaps you are thinking of a million different reasons

and excuses of why you can't do it, and to that, I would say: how has it been working for


Let’s continue this conversation. Join me on my socials and

email This could be the start of something big!

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