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Gratitude, what is this all about?

You never know how lucky you are, until it’s all gone. What is that all about? It seems like we have this ability to take things for granted once they begin to become easier for us. If not your job, it’s the relationship with your partner, or our parents, people that are always there for us, why?

We are so busy running after what we think makes us happy, like success, love, power, recognizing that we never really take the time to look around and be truly thank full for all the little things we have in our life. I am so guilty of that with an always moving forward mentality, working head down until “I make it”. It’s never enough, isn't it? no no, we can do more, have more, want more, care more until you hit a wall, or get thrown in a completely different situation. Perhaps it’s the universe who is tell you, head up, look around, there is beauty you haven’t seen, amazing people you need to meet, you are missing the best part!! Oh, and by the way, if you don’t listen, the life that you know will stop, deconstruct and rebuild in a different way.

They talk about a gratitude journal, meditation, breathing just to acknowledge your wealth.

I do all these things, write on my gratitude journal, meditate, yoga and it comes in waves, sometimes I can let go of it all and sometimes not.

I started a podcast because I was told that it was the thing to do, to share my musical journey but what I didn’t know is that I would enjoy it so much. Having deep conversations about things that matter, and connecting on a deep level gives me a different protective on things. My latest conversation with Jad was set to talk about the impact of social media in countries where we don’t have the same rights as in Europe. But it became more than that, it became about connection, belonging, and love. Jad shares his path with us from war to peace, from the place where you are born and culture to finding your place in another part of their world, while never forgetting your roots.

It’s quite interesting to grow up somewhere where you don’t really fit in, to then move somewhere else where you can be the real you but still, something is missing. For me, it was growing up in Paris, France to then moving to NYC, and then London. Nowhere really feels like home, once you start moving. In yoga they say your home is your body, is where you Iive for the longest time, and to me, it is all so true. Just like any home, you have to take care of it, love it, nourish it, and be grateful to it. I had so many fights with my body, not being thin enough or strong, too tall, too many curls haha not good enough,

Just like that the vision I have of myself is the vision I have of the world, of others. How can you love someone else fully if you don’t love yourself? Well, that I will say I am in progress, learning, accepting, and surrender.

Life is an amazing place, and we are here to live it fully. Look at it through someone else eyes, you might notice things you have never seen before. Say thank you to others, to yourself.

Listen it’s all there for you,

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