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How I found my voice?

I come from a family of entertainers, dancers on my mother's side, and some might say that it would make my life easier, I think it’s the opposite actually.

Looking back I understand why, an artist, performer needs to constantly recycle themself.

From one album to another, one year to the other, we build concepts and ideas, that are all based on emotions, life, willpower, age, and belief that one person might see it or even better like it. You have to be great at what you do, constantly looking for opportunities, and there are no guarantees that you will have a job tomorrow! You work on your skill, practice, you need to be the best always, well the best version of yourself at least, and you must do this again and again, over and over.

I went to art school, studied music, singing, acting, and dancing, I learned techniques, read of magnificent humans that through their talent had the world hold their breath. I met people like me that didn’t fit in, I learned discipline, and that I had unconditional love for it.

Love is such an intense, yet a light word.

I always knew there was something different about me like I had this special strength in me (perhaps growing up with an abusive father makes you figure out things faster), I had to use it to do something good, something life-changing, with music as my language but why? Why did I want to be a singer? Was it the attention? Creativity? Unlimited possibilities of each song, ep, album, performance being better?

The young girl in me wanted to prove to the world that I could make it but had no idea what that meant. What is making it? My response today is the same as before the only difference is that I wasn't ready to see it. My ego was way louder, which is normal for an 18-year-old, you would think?

I listened to everyone around me about what I should do next, if it was in the entertainment industry, I would do it! I auditioned, got in the show, but for my soul it was just not enough. I kept taking classes on the side, in search of making myself the best.

I had to hit that note because if I didn't then I couldn’t call myself a singer. (spent hours in the studio, recording) I took the hardest dance classes, I was not the most flexible, it took me longer than others to learn choreography but I spent all my money on training myself.

Wanting to be around the best, I moved to New York City and continued my journey, but it was not enough again, I kept telling myself, I can do more, work harder. Little by little my work ethic started to get noticed, first my passion, then my songwriting, then my voice, but It wasn’t until the first tour that I started believing in myself.

When my band gave their time, and passion for nothing but the want to succeed, love for the art, and the feeling that we understood each other without words.

We set up a European tour, performing in each band member's country. Of course, France was mine, it took so long to even get booked, I kept receiving answers like, “your music will not work here”, my brother had to talk to his boss and asked if we could do it there, it had no stage but enough space to make it work and we did, that night was so intense, not only the bar was packed (don't let anyone stop you ), but it was the first time my family saw what I was doing. I remember thinking on stage, I made it!

I could feel my band having my back, nothing could happen to me, a wrong note, a crack in my voice, they were there with me.

Sometimes it takes others to show you how great you are but never wait for them, because the minute you believe in yourself, the rest will follow.

I found my voice and my reason why at the same time, after this moment, things began to be a little lighter of course I didn’t get that at the time.

Coming out with my first French song JE SUIS SEULE on my solo album is a big deal to me, I have grown, but I am still learning.

A message to all of you out there!

DARE TO DREAM, TRUST YOURSELF, and always DARE TO BELIEVE you can make a difference. Shine Bright my friends.

Andrea Dee

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